Pattern connectors and busters

We see patterns and connect dots. When working in organizations, we help our clients identify root causes and see how their current thinking will not solve the problems they are facing. We introduce new paradigms of thoughts that accelerate both individual and collective change.

We understand that we all live in complex systems—with a mix of strengths and weaknesses, and light and dark, and leadership involves managing those many pieces with grace and courage.

Lived leadership experience

We know what it’s like because we’ve been there. After decades serving as leaders ourselves in the corporate world, we have seen the power of leadership first-hand—both what strong leaders generate and what weak leaders destroy—and believe we can do better.

We’ve been at the executive table facing tough decisions, navigating incredible politics, and facing many uphill battles. We’ve experienced the stress and overwhelm with an always-on culture. This deep level of experience helps us understand where our clients are and gives us a unique understanding for the uncomfortable circumstances they face.

Better together: co-creators

We believe there is strength in numbers. As a collaborative of organizational consultants, leadership coaches and facilitators, we design and implement initiatives that bolster effectiveness and impact. We identify incredible talent from a large network of over 30 practitioners to design and deliver exactly what our clients need.

Allie Wilkinson

Allie Wilkinson, Founder and Managing Principal

Allie is an executive coach, facilitator, change agent and the founder of Walden Leadership Group. She sees that organizations are facing unparalleled uncertainty and that as leaders, we must overcome fear of change. She partners with progressive clients who are committed to being leaders — and developing leaders — to push through their fears, find creative ways of thinking and discover new possibilities that enrich their organizations and their lives.

Allie spent 20 years in business and held senior leadership roles in organizational development, operations, and strategy. She brings her deep understanding of complex organizations to Walden Leadership Group. Across her career, Allie has led strategic initiatives to redesign divisions, evaluate mergers and acquisitions, develop innovative operating models, turnaround failing market segments and launch new businesses. Allie started her career in healthcare management consulting at the Advisory Board Company. After that, she led multiple large-scale change efforts at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, as a senior advisor and chief of staff for several C-level executives.

Allie has lived her own transformation. After spending significant energy in fear-based environments, she has learned to choose the path of the unknown over the false promise of security, and to break stifling patterns to live her life with purpose. Her husband and two sons remind her to find the extraordinary in the ordinary every day. In open spaces of time, Allie can be found on her yoga mat, joy-spotting, or playing in nature.


  • BS with Distinction, Human Development, Cornell University
  • MBA, Executive Program, Northeastern University
  • Leadership Coaching Certification, Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University

Credentials and Certifications

Organizations Served

AlphaSimplex, Amerisource Bergen, Anthem Blue Cross, Baker Tilly, Beth Israel Deaconess Lahey Health, Boston Public Health Commission, Bristol Myers Squibb, Candel, Cellarity, Cygnal, Emerson College, EatonVance, Goldman Sachs, Generate Therapeutics, Flagship Pioneering, Framework Homeownership, Kintai Therapeutics, Harvard University, Health Leads, Nemours Health System, Northeastern University, OxFam America, Peer Health Exchange, Shore Country Day School, Synchrony, Tessera Therapeutics, Voyager Therapeutics

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