Leadership Coaching

Our coaching catalyzes the development of great leadership.

Through active listening, probing questions, and deep appreciation for life in the corporate trenches, we help our coaching clients expand perspectives, see new solutions and achieve transformative results. Keys to our approach include:

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    Awareness building

We incorporate a range of assessments into our work to increase clients’ understanding of their preferences and motivations and how they are perceived by their colleagues, using market-leading 360 and talent optimization frameworks.

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    Focus on sustainability

We co-design goals and outcomes with our clients and use those metrics to assess progress. While we love our clients, we coach with an end of the engagement in mind—and we create milestones to track results and sustain meaningful shifts in leadership, once the coaching has ended.

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    System alignment

We recognize that our clients operate in complex environments and leverage each coaching opportunity to connect to the big picture of what’s happening in their organizations. With that, we involve our clients’ managers and teams to support their change process and in defining success.

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    Trusted space

In coaching, we explore outdated patterns, behaviors and mindsets that no longer serve our clients. Our coaching relationships foster curiosity and growth, in a safe space where they can experiment and make mistakes.

Leadership Development and Training Programs

We spark learning.

We design customized leadership programs with a coaching philosophy that inspires participant ownership. This approach achieves the following:

  • Shifts cultural norms and expectations: We design programs with the whole system and build intentional content and experiences to create a culture that supports growth.
  • Customizes experiential learning: Participants contribute to the design of the sessions. We create a safe non-competitive learning environment and ensure that wisdom and experience is surfaced from the participants, rather than simply from a trainer on a podium, or a book on the shelf.
  • Fosters group and 1-1 interaction: Leaders learn from their peers and build stronger relationships as a result. Incorporating 1-1 interactions with the coaches further deepens the learning from the classroom to the individual. 
  • Builds foundational capability: We ensure participants can take what they learn back to their teams and continue to grow after the program has concluded. 
  • Connects to business results and outcomes: Leadership development programs are most successful when they are aligned with the organization’s purpose and strategy. As part of the design, we will continue to bring the content back to why it matters in the larger business context. 

Popular topics addressed in our programs:

  • Tough conversations and delivering feedback
  • Neuroscience and why it matters to leadership
  • Strategic-thinking and managing change
  • Identifying your management style and leadership strengths
  • Advancing women leaders
  • Leading teams brilliantly
  • Work-life integration